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The Science of Goth

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Hello, hello, yes, sit down. You're late. Thank you. Here's your syllabus.

This is not Goth 101. This is Advanced Goth Studies 3801. If you're in the wrong place, leave now. If not, welcome.

This class is about the study of the denizens of the dark and spooky; the Science of Goth. We will discuss what goth is, it's general history and it's evolution. Class participation is a must.

We welcome discussion, it's why we're here. Goth is not a static definition dependant solely on music or fashion. It's a lifestyle, one visited upon few who understand the real meaning and substance of it. Goth changes and twists and sometimes even pokes it's head above ground to look at the mainstream, though always retreats muttering "bugger this". Oh yes, I know this first hand, I've seen it.

So please, make yourself comfortable, I think this is going to be a very good class this semester. Oh yes. Remember to take good notes, you will be tested on this.

What we will be discussing:
-the history of goth
-famous people in goth
-goth lifestyle
-goth fashion
-goth in the mainstream
-the evolution of goth
-different species of goth
-what is goth
-and many others

Your assignments will be posted as follows:
Essays will be posted every two weeks, with a reminder about it half-way through.
Photo topics will be posted randomly.
Class discussion is always welcome!

I, smu am your professor so please feel free to e-mail me if you have any comments, problems or concerns at gothprof@gmail.com. mina5643 and teir_garten are the classroom TAs, so treat them nicely. She has permission to beat misbehaving students with a black ebony ruler and he can do things with a sharpened eyebrow pencil that would make your backcombed hair curl.

Please remember to be respectful and civil to each other. If you have a problem with another student, find a troll hiding under a desk or have any questions, comments and ideas please e-mail me. Play nice and don't make me expell anyone.

Thank you, class dismissed.

Optional Extra Credit:
Intro class: heirs2thethrone
Grad class: gothroyalty
Music appreciation: gothmusicshare and gothmp3classics
Beauty school: gothmakeuptips
Detention: goth_confessnal
Photography: luminous_gothic
Charm School: Gothic Charm School

Promote us! Please, for the love of god, promote us.