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Excuse my Malfeasance/Tardiness [Aug. 31st, 2007|09:33 am]


What conflicts have you had because of your lifestyle? Have you had to make any gothy sacrifices for your career/job, or is your workplace very accepting of who you are? Is your job oriented around anything gothy? Finally, what sort of job would you possibly enjoy having that incorporates things you enjoy such as the gothic subculture?

I have been fortunate that I have not had to make any sacrifices in at least the last two years for anything. However, in the Army I had to cover up my tattoos (of course) but having naturally black hair, I could just dye it slightly a brasher black and there were no issues there. I was often called a "Ghost" by some people, but I didn't mind it.

I am working toward a BSW with a minor in Sociology and possible double major or double minor (I remain undecided) in Spanish. I intend to work with At-Risk-Youth in the Barrio or Capitol Hill <- both pretty tough parts of Denver and it is my understanding that as part of my job I need to look, "cool" as it were so the local kids will relate to me. I am not sure how many tattoos I will have to cover up, but I know I can have a pierced nose.

My style has mellowed somewhat at any rate, that seems to be the natural progression for me. That's not to say that I have sold-out or that I could be mistaken for anything other than a Goth; but I look more like a Gothic mom than anything else. I dress in what is comfortable which for me is all black (of course,) but I do not put a lot of thought in what I wear out to drop the kids or to school myself. I am just comfortable.

Yet, when I am in club mode, I pretty much prefer my old style and the closest thing to call that is "ethereal/romantic." Unfortunately, with M. being not Gothic and three kids, two dogs, it is very difficult to go anywhere. Fortunately M. has an open-mind, so when we go out with my friends he has no problem mixing about my Gothic friends and the clubs, bars, shows around here. No one seems to mind that I am dressed to the nines and M. is in a lime green polo shirt and flip flops.

Short story long: I have been fortunate not to have to make any sacrifices. I am who I am and that seems to work out lovely. I do like the Corporate Goth look, so if that is what I must do when I get my degree (which I highly doubt) then I will love exploring that look.