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New Topic Proposal [Mar. 18th, 2009|12:59 am]


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I'd like to propose a new topic. The idea of best lessons learned, where you learned them, things of that nature. Give us the story behind it, cause we all love juicy details. I guess I'll start out.

I learned the first year I even knew the first inklings of what goth was, that you just had to find people that you really connected with, who would support you and understand your personal beliefs, interests, etc.

The only place I ever felt that was in the goth subculture. I started meeting folks, and it was just so amazing. I wore something that I liked and actually got compliments instead of harsh, disapproving looks. When you're just starting to explore yourself, it's such an amazing thing. If I remember correctly, the first time it happened was at a Halloween event for a group called Sanctus. I was passed around and introduced to different folks, and it was so interesting because they were amazed someone my age (18, at the time) was willing to try something like that (a Victorian inspired steampunk suit).

It was the moment that I realized there would always be folks who supported my looks, no matter where I went, and that I wasn't alone in what I thought looked good.

Anyways, I'm yammering on. So let's hear more stories.